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   (...) the stunning richness of ideas and symphonic size of Michal Talma-Sutt's Cellotronicum (...)

Joanna Grotkowska 'Autumn magnetism'
Ruch Muzyczny XLVI/Nr. 23, 10 November 2002
   (...)I believe that I am unlucky. I have again discovered an interesting 'Warsaw Autumn' concert, and I had to stay until the end, i.e., to almost half one in the night. Although I was late and came only to the third and last composition before the pause, I still had a chance to hear it one and a half times: the first time, in the middle of the performance, the Cellist Andrzej Bauer broke one of the strings.
    The composer of this piece is the 33 year-old Michal Talma-Sutt. His Cellotronicum for cello and computer is an extremely skilfully constructed piece, with impressive creativity, particularly concerning sound ideas, and with an unusually perfect connection of two worlds - the acoustic sound of cello and the electronics of the computer. There is no doubt that we are dealing here with an extremely talented composer.(...)

Tadeusz Deszkiewicz 'Why Bauer has started a humming top?'
   (...)From the three Works which have combined string instruments and electronics was the String'0'tronic (Béla Bartók in memoriam) by Michal Talma-Sutt definitely the best. The music was very eventful and electronics harmonized very well with the sound of the strings.(...)

Ole Lauritzen 'Eventful festival's Saturday with a great finale'
Fyens Stiftstidende