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   (...) Thanks to the work we later heard, I include Bauer's concert among the most important artistic events of the year. Michal Talma-Sutt had already caught my attention during last year's 'Warsaw Autumn' festival when his electro-acoustic composition Light and Shade showed him to be an artist possessing an originally inventive sound language and excellent formal techniques.
    Written for Andrzej Bauer, Cellotronicum is a half-hour pageant of ideas designed for instruments interacting with computer. The soloist elicits from the cello every sound that this instrument is capable of producing, which the computer processes adding successive layers to the musical structure. Seemingly nothing new - yet the composer succeeds in creating something rare: a fusion of both parts whose union is so strong that the listener has the impression of hearing one instrument. Hence this is not 'cello with accompaniment' but indeed 'cellotronicum'. Moreover, the electro-acoustic sound layers exploited by Talma-Sutt are unparalleled; some are thrilling, some sparkle with unusual timbral variety, some seem to have tangible textures - rough then again smooth; others are warm or calculatingly cold, cutting-edge and overpowering.
     All this in a lengthy work, which on second hearing (as half way through the cellist broke a string and it was necessary to start again), was not boring; on the contrary - it was engaging and entrancing. (...)

Adam Suprynowicz 'It is not like that, like it you seems to be'
Ruch Muzyczny XLVI/Nr. 24, 24 November 2002