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Piano lessons for children

     Children can even start with 4-5 years of piano teaching. I like to bring already 3-year-old children to the piano, maybe in shorter units of lesson duration, depending individually on the inquisitiveness and concentration ability of the child.

     In my one-to-one lessons, I agree with the lessons individually to the child. One child needs pictures and stories, another one more difficult tasks to play and even maybe some music theory basics.

     It is important that all children find lust to practise, to succeed or also fail, and the music will be discovered as a way to bring feelings and thoughts without words to express.

My courses more in detail:

  • Piano lessons for young children (ages 3 y.).
  • Learn piano by improvisation.
  • In the later stage learn to read notes, depending on the degree of development of the child.
  • Piano lessons for larger children (ages 6 y.).
  • Improvise, learn to read the notes, depending on the degree of development of the child.
  • Understand music, introducing the basics of music theory and music history (in the later course).
  • Special exercises for finger dexterity, learn how to practice the piano effectiv (advanced children).
  • If desired, also composition lessons available.
  • Lessons in German or Polish.